Standard Chartered Marathon,

On 15th January,2012 our runners ran for the cause of Breast Cancer. Helping us raise money through the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012. Ogaan Cancer Foundation was a registered charity with United Way of Mumbai, the charity partner for the marathon. 

"The Heart is the only machine that works without any repairing for years. Keep it running by participating in the "Mumbai Marathon" and supporting for a cause ELLE Breast Cancer." - Bharat Rawat

"The one thing more exhilarating than pushing your body to new physical limits - is doing it while being a part of something bigger than yourself. I thought I would never make it to the finish line but when I started running I was motivated. It felt like I was one step towards helping someone else. It makes me extremely happy to have dedicated my very first marathon to such a great cause." - Preeti Barot

"It was like a huge party on the streets. From Bollywood personalities, top business honchos, people on wheelchairs and even Subhas Chandra Bose and Manmohan Singh lookalikes- thousands swarmed the streets of Mumbai to participate in the ninth edition Mumbai Marathon. Running for such a great cause makes crossing the finish line even more special."- Peter Rayappa Rodrigues

"Running is not only a form of physical exercise, but it's like a final reward. I was also more motivated to enter the marathon knowing that it will be for a good cause. It gives the purpose of running that marathon an extra jolt. Being focused on a cause also pushes you to train and reach the finish line. Whilst you running you also think about why you doing this, as it's not just for yourself but benefits others as well, so it is a double reward." - Karuna Laungani

Help us raise money and spread awareness by joining us in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017.